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The Flow by Paridon Williams

Paridon Williams - 50 Ways To Help

The other night when I went out, I had one agenda; to hug as many people as possible. Usually when I’m out and about I just go with the flow. I mean I do what I do but hardly ever do I do just one thing. Well that night I had planned to only do just that one thing.

My reason; over quite some time I’ve gotten to know or just become associated with quite a few people and earlier that day I had ran into a few. Their disposition seemed to be a little off as if they were bothered or very sad about something and after offering and giving hugs, I was thanked and told that it was well-timed and appreciated.

It may have had something to do with the “Rain” or perhaps the cloudy overcast that is scientifically proven to be the culprit in the alteration of temperaments especially in our – not exactly always so great, “Great Northwest”. Whatever the case we may need to be a little extra patient with others, offer some hugs, and show some extra kindness, because, for the ones that are affected for whatever reason, may not even know it themselves.

We may never know of another’s worse if all we give is our best … it’s a good thing!!

Our life is all we are … Because WE ARE..!
~ Paridon Williams