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Fire Festival Comes to Belltown

 Seattle Fire Festival


First Fire Festival was in June 1890 one year after the Great Seattle Fire – it was a city celebration celebrating the rebirth of the cities commercial district (today’s Pioneer Square area). Rapid rebirth was of critical interest to the entrepreneurs of Seattle as it was to the leaders of the city to show the rest of the world that Seattle was still very much a relevant commercial center. By June 1890, 130 buildings of brick and stone 3-8 stories tall, 60 wharves with warehouses, a coal-bunker, and street improvements were completed. 

The next fire festival celebration came in June 1971 when the a Pioneer Square merchant resurrected the event.  This was an annual event – with a few breaks the most notable following the Nisqually earthquake of 2001.  The event has been known as Pioneer Square Fire Festival.  Different organizations have backed this event over the years the most notable being the Alliance for Pioneer Squares predecessor and from 2009-2013 the Last Resort Fire Department.  The decision to resurrect this event in 2016 as Seattle Fire Festival in Bell Street Park arose in no small part from community interest – SO BELLTOWN RESIDENTS SAVE THE DATE! AND EMERGE FROM YOUR VERTICAL TOWERS TO ENJOY OUR NEW GREAT STREET EVENT.


  • Retired / Antique Seattle Fire Rigs
  • Fire Safety Activities for kids
  • Crafts for Kids
  • Panning for Gold for Kids
  • Bouncy House
  • Information on the Fire Service
  • Information about the fire buff and historical preservation (Last Resort Fire Department) organizations
  • Information on CPR
  • Music from Parks Buskers
  • Honor Guard
  • Demonstrations by fire cadets and explorers
  • Author T. J. Spenser – author child’s firefighter books will have interactive book readings
  • Presentation on the Great Seattle Fire
  • Face Painting
  • Station 2 Open House

See upcoming posts for additional information.