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POLL: Family Of Belltown Takedown “Victim” Files $25M Claim Against Police

From KIRO7

A local family has filed at $25 million claim against the King County Sheriff’s Department following an incident that left their loved one with catastrophic injuries. Christopher Harris, a 29-year-old Edmonds man, suffered severe brain damage after his skull was fractured when a King County sheriff’s deputy tackled him against a wall in Belltown in the early hours of Sunday, May 10. Harris’ wife, Sarah Jorgenson, said he is in a permanent comatose state and will never fully recover. She said it will take millions of dollars to care for him for the rest of his life…

Last month, the sheriff’s department concluded an investigation of the incident, ruling that the department would not pursue criminal charges against Deputy Matthew Paul, the officer who tackled Harris. Sheriff’s department spokesman John Urquhart said officers pursued Harris after a woman who witnessed a stabbing at a Belltown convenience store pointed Harris out to officers. Urquhart said the deputies, who were in full uniform, told Harris to stop and identified themselves as police. They chased Harris for a few blocks until he slowed down in front of the Cinerama at Fourth Avenue and Lenora Street.


3 Comments on "POLL: Family Of Belltown Takedown “Victim” Files $25M Claim Against Police"

  1. It would be the County, not the city, who would have to pay.

  2. It’s still coming out of your pocket

  3. Social Injustice | September 22, 2009 at 6:14 pm |

    Who am I to put a price or monetary value to a man’s life? Who are any of us? If Harris’ wife and family are requesting any sum of money for the abuse endured by this man – why should it matter if it is the city or the county or the state paying for it? This man is in a coma. One of our governing bodies should pay for all of the damage that they have done – and the damage that they will continue to allow since Deputy Paul is still working for King County Sheriff’s.

    It is an absolute TRAVESTY that Deputy Paul was not fired or personally sued for every penny he ever thought he had. I don’t see why the county should continue to support this man’s actions. He used unnecessary force.

    According to this case’s investigators, Harris wasn’t even involved in the original incidents that these two deputies were initially responding to. Now who is to say why someone would run from officers for over 2 blocks, (I don’t know his personal history or experiences with police, or his state of mind at after 1am in belltown after leaving a bar) BUT I DO KNOW that his fleeing doesn’t excuse Deputy Paul from barreling into him like that. His force was uncalled for at that moment in time. THE MAN WAS WALKING!!!

    And for those who are interested, Harris had no warrants and no contraband. Police found nothing but a small screwdriver in his pocket. This man was innocent and is now in a coma for the rest of his life. The men that were responsible for the actual assaults within the bar and the incidents within convenience store have not been found.

    Google the incident, speak with a reporter from with the Seattle PI or KIRO, contact Harris’ lawyer, or speak with a city official. Be active. Do something.

    Do anything.

    I don’t understand why we aren’t outraged as a community!

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