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Dope Burger is…Dope

Tautologies aside, I got to try this place tonight. It’s been a while, but I like doing Belltown restaurant reviews. So here goes this one.  **clears throat for long-winded story**

I used to live in a small beach town in my high school years. Because it was a small town, we usually ended up doing the same kinds of things in the same kinds of places day in and day out. The local businesses became parts of the community and parts of our lives. We had the “hang out after the football game” place and the “eat Mexican food until you pass out after surfing all day” restaurant that were ingrained in my teen years experiences. I loved that culture and the food. I had a place to go where I could eat great food, hang out, and feel at home with my friends.

I moved away and those places were left in my memories. But then that memory grew up and followed me to Seattle and named itself Dope Burger.

Dope Burger is the burger hang-out place I missed for so long, but with beer. 

I walked in for dinner and found a spot to sit. I noticed the place still had the project and screen up from the previous business, and that was definitely a cool sign. Everything is painted bright tones, giving a nice fun and vibrant feel to Belltown’s typical grey, black, and red colors. They play pretty decent music and I ended up singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and a Steve Miller Band tune to my fiancee before we left. Very romantic, I know.

The take-out window is straight to the back of the room, where I imagine people can swing through for a quick meal. What stood out to me was “Odin’s Ruby Red” in big chalky letters.

It’s true. Dope Burger has one of my favorite beers. Along with Manny’s and a couple of other nicer draught beers I don’t remember, it was a decent beer selection. There is also the cherished PBR and Ranier to round out the list. It’s not a wide selection, but they made good choices. 

We ordered a Dope Deluxe burger and a cheese burger. Mine came with “dope sauce.” I can let you find out what that is when you go for yourself. Either way, the burgers were definitely tasty. I really enjoyed their fries which were of the softer, not-so-crispy-it-cuts-you variety. The coolest part was the Avocado Fries. I didn’t know those existed but they turned out to be great. Avocados have a fairly basic flavor, so our server let us try them with some Blue Cheese sauce. I think they’d go great with a Cuban mojo sauce (think lots of garlic, lime, olive oil, and cilantro), but we’ll see what they come up with.

The greatest thing about Dope Burger is there is nothing like it in Belltown. This is a place to chill. It’s right on 2nd Avenue in what feels like the heart of Belltown to me. Before this, I really didn’t have anywhere to go in my neighborhood if I wanted to relax and enjoy myself when I didn’t feel like cooking or making a huge event out of the evening. There aren’t really many burger places to Belltown that I know of besides CJ’s or Belltown Burger/Dos Amigos. Dope Burger definitely filled a void and is a place I have been waiting for in Belltown for a long time. I felt so at home there and am definitely going back.

They said they’d be open every day of the week and will be open until 1:30 (most, if not all) nights. Our server said “we figured people would want to have a place to eat a burger and hang out when they were done drinking.” I think he’s right. 

Here’s a link to a picture of the menu that I took with my phone. Sorry #1: It’s a phone picture. Sorry #2: I am too lazy to figure out how to rotate the photo, but TwitPic makes it easy when you go look. If you’re interested in seeing the menu, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

I want to see this place stay in Belltown for a long time. If you like beer, burgers, or Queen, please go visit Dope Burger. And sing “Bohemian Rhapsody,” even if it’s not on. It will make me happy.

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  1. seattlesavvy | January 21, 2011 at 12:37 pm |

    Dope Burger is some serious nom nom’s! For $7, I got a toasted bun, avacado and fried egg on my burger. Highly recommended! good stuff.

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