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Do you know your 2012 Belltown Parking Rates?

Squint and read the glorious MSpaint the city has kindly put together in derision for your evil car loving selves. If you’d like a larger version, here’s the dissertation that explains the thought provoking scientific methodology of this technicolor rate distribution.The good news? North Belltown sees a time limit increase from 2 hours to 4 hours. This ought to help the apartment dwellers who must currently devote their evening to the meter feeding shuffle.

As for complaining, we’ll take it easy since Belltown appears to be generally unscathed in terms of increases. It appears the city still has it out for the sick people frequenting First Hill and the denizens of Pioneer Square; poor souls.

Much to my personal surprise, it seems the parking rate increase strategy has actually panned out. The objective of raising revenue while increasing the number of available spaces seems to be working. Another example of how I’m typically wrong when it comes to matters of civic planning.