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Move-in delayed at Dimension

Dimension, Belltown’s newest apartment building, has further delayed the move-in date from August 15 to Oct. 1 – almost a month and a half late. The apartment’s delay is said to stem from issues with the city, permits & other miscellaneous setbacks.


Although this sort of thing likely happens more often than not, this delay is unique in that it only affects residents who have already placed a deposit on units that are located on floors 1-14. If you find yourself among this group, like my husband & I have, here are some options & information Dimension has provided me with after I went to the leasing office this morning:

  1. If you forfeit your lease/deposit, Dimension will refund your deposit in full, based on unforeseeable circumstances.
  2. Depending on your rates – if you are currently living month-to-month at another apartment waiting to move into Dimension & have already placed a deposit – they MAY be able to compensate you for the extra month-to-month fee (not your actual rent) you would have to pay at your current apartment in order to accommodate the delayed move-in date.
  3. You could pick a unit on floors 15+ & pay extra for less square footage & move in on the original move-in date of Aug. 15.

My husband & I already know a few people who will be affected by this, so I wanted to make sure the information was out there in case anyone needed it or was considering an affected unit.