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Copper Cart Opening: Only 1 Person Shot

The opening of Copper Cart got off to a raucous start.

From the Seattle Times

Witnesses told police that the shooting occurred after two men were booted from the club. One man, angry about being kicked out, threatened to “get a gun and shoot up the place,” Witt said. Club security officers followed the men to their car. When the men reached the car, one of them grabbed a gun from the car and club security staff tried to wrestle it from him.

The gun went off during the tussle and a bullet struck one of the security men in the left hand, police said. Other security staffers grabbed the two men and held them for police


I’ve got to hand it to the security guards (no pun intended). It took some bravado to follow the guys to their car to make sure nothing went down. I’m just happy that no one was seriously injured and that it also appears the shooters are in custody. Elise was somehow there with a video camera and captured the shaky arrest. Stay still Elise! 🙂

UPDATE: SPD Blotter releases a summary.


10 Comments on "Copper Cart Opening: Only 1 Person Shot"

  1. I was just walking from apt to bar… and was a bit intoxicated, so all hope for a still shot is lost.

  2. So it’s 30 seconds of someone walking. Wow, amazing journalism there. Why would she even post that like it’s important? Elise is just as annoying in person as her twitter feed is.

  3. be nice. remember, you’re a human… even on the internet.

  4. dave, advice…

    the thing that is great about twitter… is… you don’t have to follow anyone… it’s a choice. choose not to follow.

    also, the great thing about video… is you don’t have to watch it. it’s a choice. choose not to watch my videos.

  5. Thanks Elise, your shaky footage is probably the only footage, and for that Belltown thanks you 🙂

    I was at the CC opening last weekend, but it looks like they were inviting the nefarious characters, starting with the imposing security, the demeaning signage, and semi-rude help. The crowd last Friday was a pleasant one, but the general consensus was that within weeks, it would turn into a Venom/Tia Lou’s sort of crap pile attracting flies.

  6. Trust me, I don’t follow you. You just come up too many times in my Belltown search feeds.

  7. Dave,

    These silly internets are so crazy… I assume you are new to searches, so let me help you out…

    For Google – Google Search exclude Elise81
    For Twitter – Twitter Search exclude Elise81

  8. Yes, because all twitter clients allow search operators. Thanks for the tutorial though, you must be a genius!

  9. Scary. I think I heard all those police cars last night.

  10. Stop being a prick!

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