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Confirmed: Belltown is Seattle’s densest neighborhood.

There’s been some recent controversy concerning the assertion that Belltown is Seattle’s densest neighborhood. Knute Berger of Crosscut dug into the numbers and confirms; Belltown is Seattle’s densest neighborhood. (dense meaning lots of people, not referencing our inherit stupidity, kidding I know you’re an undiscovered NW intellectual).

From Crosscut – Knute Berger

…Here are the 10 most dense Seattle neighborhoods in terms of population and household density:

1. Belltown

2. Capitol Hill

3. First Hill

4. Pioneer Square/International District

5. Downtown

6. Cascade/Eastlake

7. Queen Anne

8. Central District/Squire Park

9. Fremont

10. Wallingford.

2 Comments on "Confirmed: Belltown is Seattle’s densest neighborhood."

  1. Actually, I think the quality of life in the neighborhood is pretty good, but in terms of equity I would like to see a ranking of public amenities per capita. It probably wouldn’t look anything like that ranking.

  2. we need to keep that in mind when working with the city to build more greenspace and amenities that this area of town deserves.

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