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From Chris Conners

A Chance Encounter at the Best of Belltown Event

At the meeting last night I had an opportunity to have a conversation with someone about the park project. Unfortunately, that conversation stuck in my head all night. The project is very near and dear to my heart as it will run right next to my business. I am also deeply interested in the plans for removing trees since the very trees they want to remove were part of the reason we chose our location. Regrettably, I never got to ask my question because several people surrounded Patrick and I couldn’t even get close; which really brings me to my point, my chance encounter.

While I waited I ended up striking up a conversation with the person next to me. After talking for a bit about the trees etc we got into a discussion about how the park project is destined to failure because the city lacks the political will to do what it takes to keep any of our city parks clean and free from trouble. Actually, I was more or less told this not so much discussed this. I do have to admit that there is some truth to this though therefore I was willing to keep listening. Eventually they dropped a bomb shell statement on me about how they actively were looking into ways to never even walk through the new park so as to avoid any bad elements that will most definitely be present and about how the minute they decided to but in tables and seating it was all over for them…and so on. Quite honestly I have heard it before and I also know it’s a bit disingenuous. The real shocker is who this was coming out of and the organization they represented. For now I am keeping that to myself. Suffice… say it really isn’t as important as the incredibly myopic view of the world it showed me. Sadly, it is all too prevalent in Belltown and Seattle in general.

The truth is the park will be what ever we make of it. If people choose to avoid it and not walk through it because of fears of something that has not even happened yet then yes it will fail, but not because of anyone else but because of you.

Think about this, drug dealers etc hang out on your corner because you don’t do anything about it—or worse you sell them beer and cigarettes but not because there is a corner. A correlation is not a proof it is just two things that happen to have happened at the same time. Yet people cling to ideas like this all the time and never see the truth. The truth my friend is by ignoring something or in this case by not even using your park, you are dooming it for yourself and everyone. If you really are concerned about what will happen in your park then remember that it is YOUR Park and quit bitching and whining about what the city or other people are or are not doing in it. Sitting around waiting for the city to solve your problems is asinine, your prince ain’t coming. Remember you, just like Dorothy, you had the power to solve your problem all along but instead you did nothing. Remember that if and when, (God forbid), everything goes to hell. You don’t get to say, “I told you so” because what you should say is the truth, “Oh my god look what I have done. Look what I allowed to happen”

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  1. TroyJMorris | June 15, 2011 at 12:42 pm |

    I refuse to buy the “Sell them things” argument.

    Drug dealers and shady elements are around because people buy from them and we watch and say “that’s shitty”

    One person did point out that this park is in the middle of the street, and therefore, prime realestate to get caught doing something.

    The more we bug the dealers and interrupt them, the more likely they’ll be to move.

  2. Chris Connors | June 15, 2011 at 1:37 pm |

    Though it really is a different subject you bring up it is related and all I have to say to that is…Don’t buy it if you like, but the truth is they are in front of convenience stores and bus stops in particular so that they have a place to hide when things get to “Hot”. They can waltz into the store and look like they are doing something legit or they can hop on a bus and be gone. If you don’t believe it why don’t you ask one?
    For my part his all comes from the mouth of an actual dealer and it is repeated by the cops who also know how the game is played. It ain’t rocket science really all you have to do is open your eyes.

    Anyone can live with their head in the sand if they want. Just know the problem won’t go away until people pay attention. By all means interrupt them, just know there is an actual reason they choose the location they are in, and it is not about where their customers are and it has nothing to do with park benches. It has everything to do with permissive convenience store owners who turn the other way in exchange for a quick buck, business owners and residents who lack any backbone to confront the problem head on and a bit to do with a free ride zone that makes for an all to easy get away.

    Making criminals uncomfortable and unwelcome is only part of the solution. It only gets better when everyone takes personal responsibility for the role they play in the situation.

  3. I overheard two dealers talking a few nights ago about how they don’t like 3rd Ave because they have to look both ways for vehicles, as opposed to 2nd Ave where they just have to worry about cars coming from one way.

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