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Coming Soon: Belltown Liquor Store

Got a tip from one of our readers Jon today;

A couple months ago, I went to investigate the Google Maps “liquor store” location on 6th. The guy there told me it was for Class A (restaurants/bars) only, but that a retail store was opening up soon at 7th and Bell.

So today I went back to that Class A store to follow up, and it was all closed up, but a sign on their door boasted a 7th and Bell location. When I went there, I saw lots of carpenters building familiar brown cabinets like I had seen at other WA State Liquor Stores, and there were signs in the window that said “RETAIL LIQUOR STORE COMING SOON!” I even saw some booze on the shelves.

So I asked the carpenter guys when the store was slated to open, and they said the 4th. Happy Independence Day,…!


Technically, this is just outside belltown, but what the hey.

3 Comments on "Coming Soon: Belltown Liquor Store"

  1. yes, technically not in belltown, but so walkable for belltowners!

  2. BedlamCoffee | June 26, 2009 at 11:23 am |

    Was there no period for residents to argue? “No.”
    however, if that’s the sign they plan to use it’s great…
    We can already walk to the one at the base of Queen Ann, geesh…
    the city/state really doesn’t seem to like Belltown

  3. the current Belltown Messenger states that the liquor store was opening on 7/4 on the NE corner of 2nd & Bell. isn’t that the vacant lot where Speakeasy used to be? and wouldn’t that just feed in to the already existing problem at 2nd and Bell?

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