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CJ’s Restaurant Reopens Tomorrow in Belltown

Your fears can be cast into the fire. CJ’s, the much beloved restuarant on the corner of 1st & Cedar, is not being remodeled into yet another tapas joint. CJ’s has long been one of my favorite Belltown breakfast spots. It’s hard to beat their scrambles early in the morning. The only inconvenience about the place is usually the massive line of little piggies waiting for their turn at the trough! But, man is it worth it!

I just got off the phone with someone at the restaurant and they calmed me down. CJ’s is reopening tomorrow after being closed for the last week. They cleaned up a bit and remodeled some too. The most important part, the food, remains the same.


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  1. Thanks for this good news! I just moved into the neighborhood and LOVE this place. It’s true… they’re breakfasts are amazing.

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