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City extends neighborhood survey deadline

Belltown is Seattle’s most densely populated neighborhood. However, we are 5th from last in terms of filling out the Seattle Neighborhood Planning Questionnaire. The survey is actually an important tool that the city uses to plan improvements in each Seattle neighborhood. Therefore, our participation is really something that we owe ourselves!

Please take the couple of minutes that it takes to fill out the survey now. The deadline has been extended for just a couple more days in hopes that we can have our voices heard.

5 Comments on "City extends neighborhood survey deadline"

  1. I actually took this survey, which is weird, cuz I hate surveys.

  2. It is likely the city will make decisions about Belltown based on the survey results or lack thereof. As it stands now, the main conclusion the city will likely make is that Belltowners do not care about their neighborhood and that the problems of Belltown can therefore be ignored.

  3. As of today we’re up to eight place with 155 surveys – hopefully we’ll do better by Friday. Great work on spreading the word.

  4. Today (Wednesday the 19th) we’ve moved up to sixth place. Two days to go!

  5. glad to see we’re moving up. I’ll remind everyone tomorrow 🙂 Because I’m annoying like that 😉

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