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City Center Initiative and Belltown

City Center Initiative

The Work Plan for Belltown Neighborhood Action Team began in August of 2011 and the original work plan was a product of a City/neighborhood collaboration. Other items include:


Public Safety

  • Early morning police emphasis patrols from 6-10 a.m.
  • 911 campaign in collaboration with Belltown Citizens on Patrol – “See It, Say It” Campaign – 911 education
  • Hot spot policing being implemented
  • Partnering on the implementation of the LEAD program along with other law enforcement agencies.
  • Good success so far: 40 referrals as of 5/28/12.
  • Replaced 118 street lights with LED lights on 2nd and 3rd Avenues, parts of 1st Avenue and 3 cross streets (Lenora, Blanchard, Virginia)
  • 2 new poles will be installed for dark area reported by BCOP on Blanchard between 1st and 2nd
  • Robert Sawyer from SCL made a presentation at Belltown Business Association on June 19th to promote City Light’s alley lighting program Tree trimming around city lights.
  • Tree trimming around city lights
    • 150 trees have been trimmed as of 12/6/2011
    • All trees Seattle City Light needed to be trimmed around fixtures has been completed


  • DON working with SPD and Office of Film and Music on establishing regular meetings with nightclub owners.

Promote Clean & Safe Streets

  • BIA presentation with the BBA executive committee took place on November 3rd
  • BBA is receiving consultation services through the Only in Seattle initiative to determine the best approach for establishing a BIA in the neighborhood
  • Community forum on the BIA options available to Belltown took place on May 1st with about 40 people in attendance. At the BBA meeting on June 19th, the board voted to move into negotiations with DSA/MID on expanding the MID into Belltown with a request for some local control of the funds.
  • A special BBA Board meeting took place on Oct. 11th regarding joining the MID.

Enhance collaboration among service providers

  • HSD Director Dannette Smith has convened several meetings with community providers with the intention of working together to preserve the quality of life in Belltown while continuing to serve people who need assistance the most.
    • Catholic Community Services
    • Plymouth Housing Group
    • DESC
    • Compass Housing
    • Millionair Club
    • YWCA
    • Mary’s Place
  • Dannette has also convened several meeting with SPD in order to enhance collaboration and partnership.
  • Dannette attended the Belltown Community Council meetings on March 21st and June 13th and engaged in a very interactive dialogue with community members about the issues around homelessness, social services, public safety, and the City’s new investment plan.
  • New investment plan draft was released May 11th

Neighborhood Placemaking

  • Belltown Community Center opened on September 17, 2012
  • Bell Street Park
    • 90% street improvement permit complete
    • Plan to go to bid in November
    • Notice to proceed first quarter 2013
    • The construction cycle will last approximately 6 months
  • Establishment of monthly art walk on 2nd Fridays by BBA Arts and Culture Committee
  • Bell’s Town – Historic Belltown self guided tour on 1st and 2nd Ave being implemented through Neighborhood Matching Fund
  • Founder’s Day Festival took place August 11 and 12th
  • Establish Friends of Belltown Parks

Graffiti Control & Response

  • Paystation graffiti
  • Investigating graffiti removal options for paystations.

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