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Cheesesteak Goodness

There’s a welcome new addition to the Belltown sandwich scene; Calozzi’s Cheesesteaks had a quiet opening on Blanchard just west of 1st (by Belltown Billiards.) You’ll have to look hard, because the place is really easy to miss and I’m pretty sure I walked right by it twice without noticing.

The cheesesteaks are amazing. I swung by on Friday night while walking home from work. They’re $8 and worth every penny. Sure, it seems like you’re getting a sandwich through a prison door, but dont let that stop you. The cook’s name is Al. He said to be sure and mention that if looks like no one is around, yell “Al!!!!” at the top of your lungs. Charming.

Al moved to Seattle two years ago from Jersey and grew up in his family’s restaurant cooking….The guy knows what’s he’s doing.  Welcome to the neighborhood Al!

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  1. I live down the street from this place, and never know when to go there as it is always closed ( 11:00am ) would like to try their stuff but like I said they post no hours, have no phone # to order out. what a rotten way to run your bizz. Is it that you only cater to the drunks at night?, or what? Hey Al, can you hear me

  2. hi sorry about the problem you had with getting a sandwich. we are open tuesday through saturday at 430 pm till 200 am and on the weekends we go until 300am. once again sorry and hope to see you at belltown billiards

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