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Is Cellars in Belltown a danger to the public?

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Hi Belltownr’s, I am sure most of you remember the shooting in Belltown a few weeks back, 1 dead, 2 injured in Belltown shootout. Now Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes wants to pull the liquor licence from the establishment City Attorney: Cellars in Belltown Is An “Extreme Danger” to Public; Wants Liquor License Yanked

An emergency suspension will not only protect the public safety of the people of Seattle, but ensure that more people are not victimized as a result of Cellars’ inability or refusal to operate in a safe manner.- Pete Holmes, Seattle City Attorney

From their website Cellars thinks they are a nice friendly place to visit: 

Cellars Grill & Lounge is Belltown’s friendly neighborhood destination to eat, drink, socialize and watch all your favorite sporting events!-

 For those that are active in Belltown we know that 1st Ave can be “rowdy” on the weekends, and Cellars Grill and Lounge has had more than its fair share of incidents. How do you feel about Cellars, and what our City Attorney wants to do?

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  1. It should lose its license, has always been problems and the patrons for the most part not the most upstanding citizens, some may want to blame parking lots, well the place is sort of gangster and not in a good way. I have been in belltown 17 years, even owning a couple of bars. Belltown is not the most dangerous place, check cap hill or any bar district in a big city, we are not a big city. And the crime, is from visitors, most from the south end.

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