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The Flow by Paridon Williams

The other night when I went out, I had one agenda; to hug as many people as possible. Usually when I’m out and about I just go with the flow. I mean I do what…


Back to school by Paridon Williams

I remember when I was a kid I couldn’t wait to go back to school as a matter of fact I’ve always enjoyed going back to school at any age. I probably need to go…


No Trouble – by Paridon Willams

Daily deeds I have discovered the problem so I am going to offer a solution. A while back I wrote something encouraging that everyone try to do one “Super good” thing every day. Great idea,…


Street Paper – By Paridon Williams

To live within the lowest level of comfort as a houseless/homeless person, the average street paper vendor in Washington State in a 5 -7 day working week sets a goal to sell at the least…