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Belltown Fire by Paridon Williams

Firemen and Paramedics save lives everyday … literally. Every time an atrocity happens the firemen are given a huge amount of applause for their brave efforts, but they are brave every day because that’s how…


The Widow Maker By Paridon Williams

The “Widow maker”; this term referred to the western day guns that took the lives of men in gun fights. It’s also been tagged with other things as well. The current Widow makers have both…


Greatness? By Paridon Williams

“There are no great men, only great challenges that ordinary men are forced by circumstances to meet.” ~Admiral W. Halsey This coming year there will be a whole lot of new and old “Challenges” that…


Blue? By Paridon Williams

Blue? Unfortunate for some; everything has an opposite. However, it’s only unfortunate for those that don’t respect that it is there … tall/short, old/young, healthy/unhealthy, big/small/, mean/nice, fat/skinny, good/bad and on and on. Life has…


Thanks By Paridon Williams

Thanks By Paridon Williams The truth is, in this day and age it’s almost necessary to search for anything to be happy about. Wars, natural disasters, unstable minds, poor physical health, etc.; our world is…