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Card Skimmer Found in Belltown

We’re posting this story as a warning to the neighbors who live and do business in Belltown. I personally have always thought of card skimmers as something out of the Bourne Identity that I didn’t really have to worry about. However, that all changed when a few days ago I noticed a tweet from someone who had found a card skimmer right here in Belltown at the Chase on 1st & Cedar. Here’s a picture of the device.

It was Sunday night, on my way to a show, when I stopped at my neighborhood bank to get some money. You know the routine: take out wallet, remove ATM card, swipe it through the card-reader on the door of the ATM vestibule, and then enter. Except this time, something caught my attention as I slid my card into the reader: it seemed too large and freshly painted. My Spider-sense told me, “this isn’t right.” I pulled my card out, the device split apart and fell to the ground. I’d found my first ‘skimmer’.

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2 Comments on "Card Skimmer Found in Belltown"

  1. I got skimmed there almost a year ago. When Chase alerted me to the fraud on my bank account, I related my story about the suspicious card reader outside the door that did not look like what I remembered. Not surprisingly, they acted utterly uninterested in my “paranoia”. I knew instantly that was how my information had been obtained. I just wish I had trusted my gut when I saw the device in the first place. I always look carefully now at the outdoor card reader if I’m entering this Chase location after hours.

  2. Our poor neighbor really got the run around from law enforcement. It’s great to read about such a conscientious Belltowner, though. I appreciate the heads up. I used that ATM after-hours for the first time this week.

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