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Can’t go to Hawaii this weekend, check this out instead!

So have you been dreaming of getting away to Hawaii but just cannot quite get away? Good news, Hawaii is coming to you, well the Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival is at least. This Sunday September 8th 11am-7pm at the Seattle Center is the annual festival that celebrates the art and culture of  Hawaii. The festival includes live music, performances,  food, workshops, even a Musabi eating contest. For those not familiar with Musabi, it is a popular Hawaiian snack that consists of Spam, white rice, and dried seaweed. Yes I said Spam, the Hawaiian Steak!

The Census Bureau estimates that there are 50,000 Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in Washington State. Out of this number, 17,491 people migrated from Hawaii to the Greater Seattle area from 1995-2000. As the population of Hawaiians grows in Washington, so does the number of generations born here away from their home and culture. –-

So if you need a little fix for that escape to Hawaii bug we all get from time to time, head on over to the Seattle Center on Sunday to see if this helps.