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Caffe Limoncello and Towne Pub coming soon to 1st Avenue

We were walking down 1st Ave a couple of days ago and noticed two new businesses going in place of two recently vacated spots, one previously mentioned on this site – Belltown Pub Says Goodbye.

Caffe Limoncello is going in the spot that held my favorite Starbucks in Belltown – 2326 1st Avenue Seattle, WA. An internet search on DuckDuckGo for “Cafe Limoncello Seattle” turns up a website ( of an existing spot in Lower Queen Anne. If this is the same business I wonder if they are expanding or moving locations? I am going to reach out to them to find out.

Towne Pub is replacing Belltown Pub was in just above Screwdriver Bar – 2322 1st Ave Seattle , WA.

We are excited to see some new spots opening up in Belltown and will be bringing more info about each when we can.

Here are some photos I snuck of Caffe Limoncello construction we saw.


The sign indicating Towne Pub is coming soon.








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