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Blue? By Paridon Williams

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Unfortunate for some; everything has an opposite. However, it’s only unfortunate for those that don’t respect that it is there … tall/short, old/young, healthy/unhealthy, big/small/, mean/nice, fat/skinny, good/bad and on and on. Life has an infinite list of opposites; there are some things we can and can’t change, a whole lot of things we just have to accept, and some things that we can prevent,

A friend had told me of a personal situation and just wondered why she had to feel so bad and that her feeling bad was making some of her co-workers feel bad as well. I told her simply that she felt so bad because she is so good. Sometimes sincerely good people are known to be very emotional and can be magnetic; when they’re within their “Happy time” others around them are happier as well, and their “Blues” tend to sadden others. The Blues is simply a good person feeling bad.

Most people can’t prevent the Blues, however by being aware, they don’t have to become in so many words … “Dark Blue” or “Darker Blue”. Dark Blue is when a person without regard allow their bad feelings to make others around them feel miserable; Darker Blue is when they violate and disrespect others because of their own bad feelings or/and do things that are harmful to themselves.

Now by people knowing and being aware of the capabilities of their emotions, they can create or get help in creating their own tools for the prevention of their feelings rubbing off on or affecting others in any kind of way, those and like tools can also be used for self preservation.

She was so tickled by my analogy of things that she instantly began to feel better, we laughed and talked, and she kept saying “For real” and I kept saying “Yep” and when it was time for her to return to work off of her lunch break she said “Paridon, you are so crazy but people are very fortunate to have you around”. I gave her a big hug and as I walked away I felt good and “Bluezy” at the same time.

I’m not saying that I’m such a good person, I believe that I’m good for others, I have great intentions and mixed results. With others it’s 90/10 but with me it’s 50/50 … if that. I accept it because the more my life goes through the better equipped I become for others.

Our life is all we are … Because we are!!

Living life, teaches life

~ Paridon Williams … Pass it on.

P.S. There are thousands upon thousands of words with millions of different single and combined meanings; I am so grateful that I’m blessed with an ability to put words together and use them in a way that enhances the life of another in need of a good heart with good words in its collection of deeds.