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Black Dog Forge – gofundme

**Copied from the gofundmepage “Save Seattle Music History” created for Black Dog Forge.

Save Seattle Music History!!!

On top of the most recent tragedy to hit the Seattle music scene, we’ve been dealt another blow. The blacksmith shop above the iconic rehearsal space that so many Seattle bands first practiced in, is for sale. The basement of Black Dog Forge is definitely the most important 30×30 foot space in the history of Seattle music. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Presidents of The United States of America, Green Apple Quick Step, Brad, and many other bands have practiced there. It’s currently occupied by The Briefs. Music fans from all over the world make the voyage to Seattle to walk down the same stairs Eddie Vedder describes in the movie, Pearl Jam 20. It was also shown and mentioned during Pearl Jam’s induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It’s the first place Eddie was taken to when he came to Seattle to meet the guys…he even slept down there for a few nights. Downtown Seattle is nothing like it used to be. Condo after condo is going up and small business owners who’ve meant so much to this city are being pushed out. Mary and Louie are the two finest examples of what Seattle used to be. They’ve been there since 1989. If only one building and business can be saved, it needs to be this one. And it’s absolutely possible. If every fan of the Seattle music scene donates only one dollar, we can make our goal. As the owner of the Stalking Seattle Rock & Roll Tour, I’m able to take fans down into this basement every day. I’d hate to not be able to do that anymore. Mary and Louie are like parents to me.  All money raised will go directly to Mary and Louie who will then buy the building. If the entire amount isn’t raised, they hope to find an investor willing to buy the building with them. If they have to relocate, the money from this campaign will help them do that.