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Black Bottle Takes over Marco’s Supperclub Space…

Black Bottle is leasing Marco’s Supper Club’s space.  – This is altogether good news for the neighborhood. Marco’s was a local Belltowner favorite. Most people remember it as one of the best outdoor patios in the neighborhood. It’s hard to believe that Marco has retired and he leaves a gaping hole in the neighborhood friendly dining scene. I’ve long heard stories of Marco bringing out off the menu items to regulars and numerous people told me the retirement of this restaurant felt like a long time family home changing hands.

Black Bottle has operated their wildly successful restaurant two blocks north for years. They are Trina and I’s “go to” spot for a weekday quick dinner. The weekends transform the place into a “lets play city living” pack fest and we’ll typically avoid it – but none the less, their popularity is due to the fact that the varied menu has enough gems that practically everyone loves it.

I’m anxiously awaiting to here more details in how the talented Black Bottle crew plan to relaunch their new project. Stay Tuned!