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“Biscuit Bitch” brings it to Belltown’s late nights…

Kim’s Homemade will begin a new late night “service” offering at Cafe Lieto lovingly called Biscuit Bitch. Kim promises to be serving “food your mom would want you to eat” until 2:30 am. Who knows if your mom would be alright with you hanging out with a biscuit lady past your bedtime though. Kim’s biscuits look worth a nibble and at five whole dollars, it’s not going to set you back too far to give them a try.

3 Comments on "“Biscuit Bitch” brings it to Belltown’s late nights…"

  1. Sounds delicious!!!!!

  2. If you end up going, be sure to let us know how it is Rena!

  3. I have tried to eat here three times and they are never open. It is too bad because I love homemade biscuits. They should try having more useable hours. 🙁

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