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Best Spots in Belltown- Lunch!

Hands Down. My Favorite, i mean absolute favorite, place to each lunch in Belltown is at the Boat Street Kitchen. Not only is the food “to die for fantastic,” the ambiance is that of a beautiful european courtyard that transports you a quiet place leaving you with an overwhelming feeling of rest as if you’ve had as escape, for just a moment, from the hustle and bustle of the city. Yet it is located on the corner of Denny and Western in the heart of bustling streets and buildings! I have always had amazing service and have tried almost everything on the lunch menu and will keep going back. Its hidden, in location, to the naked eye and you would not see it unless you were looking for it. I loved stumbling upon this place and love the whole lunchtime experience when i spend it at Boat Street. Hands Down Favorite of mine. 

This is a purely opinion post continuing on from the “Best Spots in Belltown- Sunsets” series that i started last month with the purpose for us Belltonians to get the dialogue going to share our favorite spots and get the buzz from those of us who live and/or work in Belltown. Please respond to this post to share your favorite Lunch spot….I would love to hear what you think and get some more favorite spots on my repretoire to try out! 

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  1. I have been wanting to try this place for brunch for so long, your review just moved it up a few notches on my “must try” list, thanks Trina!

  2. Sweet! It definitely won’t disappoint. 🙂

  3. in no particular order…
    Sushi Wave (1st Ave & Broad St.)
    Zeitoon (4th Ave bet. Vine & Wall)
    Buddha Thai (2nd Ave bet. Bell & Blanchard)
    … all mellow spots w/ friendly staff and good food (imho)

  4. I like Wasabi Bistro for lunch and their Bento boxes, lots of variety and very filling. And they have A/C so it’s really nice right now!
    Mama’s is always good and don’t forget about Zeitoon Cafe on 4th. The service is sometimes a little slow but everything is delicious and reasonably priced.

  5. Boat Street was a well kept secret! Thanks for telling their story. Great place for lunch and dinner. Had my Mom’s 85th Birthday dinner their a couple years ago. We will never forget that dinner and the service.

  6. i had the worst tomato soup i’ve eaten in my life there 🙁 but i agree the atmosphere is perfect!

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