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Belltown’s Strategic Vision

Revisiting the City’s 1994 Urban Village Strategy –  Is It Relevant for Today’s Belltown?

The City has 38 neighborhoods with diverse issues.  The City’s Comprehensive Plan was developed in the 1990s covering the years 1994 through 2014.   Is it still relevant to Belltown?  A review by the City Auditor in 2007 stated the following:

“The City’s Comprehensive Plan was conceived as a 20-year plan, with a formal update after 10 years and provision for annual amendments. We were unable to find a specific life-expectancy for the neighborhood plans. At a maximum, we assumed they were not expected to cover more than the 20-year period (1994-2014)….  Some neighborhoods have seen a lot of development and change since 1999 when the last of the plans were adopted, changing the context enough so that new planning would be useful….Many neighborhoods have recommendations yet to be accomplished, and are still interested in having their plans implemented.”

The updated strategic urban plan needs to be neighborhood driven.  How will Belltown create and maintain a balance of housing for all income groups?  How will Belltown provide public safety and balance the nightlife scene with the residential scene?  How many Park Rangers are needed to maintain Belltown parks?  Is there a need for additional schools, parks and other services to families?  How will Belltown mesh with the new vision of the Waterfront?  Will waterfront building affect Belltown’s zoning?  Can artists and art galleries be attracted back to Belltown?  What impact will SDOT’s Third Avenue bus revisions have on Belltown?  Where will the street trolley be placed?  What to do with the Monorail posts that run down Fifth Avenue?  What will the Belltown storefronts look like in 2020, 2030?  Can more public and private art be integrated into Belltown’s urban plan?  Should Belltown have its own parking fee rates?  What community services are needed beyond the services provided by the MID?  Does the City have a consultant available to work with the community during the process?

Belltown – let’s gather together to address the significant neighborhood challenges and create our own strategic urban plan.  Post your thoughts, suggestions, and any additional information to enhance the discussion on the current state of Belltown and a vision for its future.  Thank you.