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Belltown’s Restaurant Exodus Continues…Shallots.

Shallots Asian Bistro, located on the corner of 4th & Vine is apparently closing. I walked by yesterday and noticed that the restaurant was pretty much shuttered up except for a lone guy packing up all the chairs. He didn’t have any inside information besides confirming that the restaurant is closing. Calls to the owner have gone unanswered.

Shallots was up for sale this past October, so here’s to hoping that they’ve found a buyer for the space instead of just adding to the growing vacancy in the neighborhood.


2 Comments on "Belltown’s Restaurant Exodus Continues…Shallots."

  1. It’s worrisome – Flying Fish flew the coop, Brasa closed, now another restaurant down – yet bars could successfully fill every vacant storefront if they could all get licensed. Is it something about the Belltown demographic, or the neighborhoods perception as a regional draw? Or the perception of drugs and danger that discourages the demographic that patronizes fine restaurants? I don’t mind that Shallots is closing; I swore never to go there because they took the entire sidewalk for their outdoor dining, forcing pedestrians out to the curb bulb. I hope the next tenant fixes that.

  2. Lydia, I’m really not sure what’s going on with all these restaurants flying the coop. I think we’re witnessing a new urban trend where people aren’t migrating to downtown for dinner because most of the great restaurants are coming to them. The center of culture is now becoming the outlying neighborhoods.

    That being said – I think it’s obvious that we see a massive influx of people from all over the region coming into Belltown to party it up. Frankly, I’m ok with this since it’s a huge economic boon. But, we have to have a balance. There has to be more than ghetto versions of vegas clubs in belltown for this to continue being a diverse and exciting neighborhood to live.

    Thanks for your comment and also your great work on the PI site!

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