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Belltown’s Last Suppers

If you knew you were going to die in the morning, what would you have for dinner tonight?

James “Eyebrows”: “Kung Pao Chicken from Wong’s in Wilsonville OR, with a peach thai bubble tea”.

Fran: “Pussy…haha!” “OK…Steak Dinner, Tomatoes Gorgonzola, and bananas foster for dessert”.

Rob: “Rack of Lamb with a Pinot Noir”.

Kat: “Mom’s brisket and mashed potatoes, wait scratch all that. Meatball sub from Tat’s, a shot of Hornitos & Ranier”.

Cheryl: “A homemade burger and my sister’s homemade baked beans with a nice Zinfandel”. 

 Chiba: “Ahh, a wine, some BBQ pork and chow mein, you know Merlot”.