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Belltown’s Hot Dog Stands Will Die…

From TheStrangerSlog

Seattle Department of Transportation spokesman Rick Sheridan emailed this moments ago: “The legislation was transmitted by the mayor’s office to the city council today.” It’s right here. As Cienna recently reported, current limits on street vending—nothing but coffee, pretzels, hot dogs, and saute of Soylent Green—will be replaced by rules that let vendors sell just about anything.

This is great news. Have you wondered why there’s nothing but hot dogs for sale on the streets of Seattle? It’s a law. Have you wandered the streets of Portland with confused jealousy? Portlanders enjoy meandering parks lined with waffle, thai, indian, and pie trucks. Alas, that’s soon all about to change. Recent legislation would open up the market to just about anything. That means the famous (or infamous) hot dog carts are soon to have a lot more competition.


4 Comments on "Belltown’s Hot Dog Stands Will Die…"

  1. Boo to your misleading Fox News headline. The Belltown Hot Dog is an institution!

    For the record, there’s been a guy out there selling crappy pizzas, too.

  2. Jon. Thanks for calling me out. I’ll try to be a little more “fair and balanced” in the future.

    I’m excited about a more diverse field of offerings and have been building up some hot dog rage for a while. 🙂

  3. Jesse- you fooled me too, i said oh no, then i said oh yes! it’s been an emotional roller coaster these past 20 seconds. 😉 heehee.

    But seriously, anyone wanna start a gelato business for the summer and street vend the heck out of it? It seems like the only thing that Belltown is missing, an icecream shop!

  4. Trina — I soooo agree with you on the ice-cream shop. This is something I thought of years ago but alas lack sufficient $$ to undertake.

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