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Belltown’s City Hostel Seattle – A Virtual Tour

City Hostel Seattle has come a long way since we interviewed them nearly a month ago. The hostel is open and is accepting researvations. If you’ve been unable to check out the interior art installations during one of Belltown’s Art Walks, you should make your way to this site, to view virtual tours of a sampling of the rooms.This still just blows my mind. Honestly, make your way through the virtual tours, but make sure you actually get inside someday. There’s nothing like the sensory overload of jamming your mind with such an immersive experience of art.

Ariel Automne

Almendra Sandoval

Zach Rockstad & Kevin Drake

They’ve posted rates on their sites and as expected, this is hands down one of the cheapest places to stay in Seattle.

4 bed spacious dorm  shared bath    $30 us.

4 bed spacious dorm  bath en-suite     $35 us.

Private room  shared bath   $70 us.     (1-2people)

Private room  bath en-suite   $90 us.   (1-2people)

You’ve come a long way baby,