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Belltown’s Best Sangria?

The temperature has inched higher the last couple days and that means you have a good excuse to enjoy a pitcher of Sangria with some friends. Bethany Jean Clement of TheStranger has reccomended the Sangria at the Belltown border straddling Andaluca in the latest edition of “Bar Review”.

Or, if you’re in a more adventurous mood, you can make your own “ocean” of Sangria with the recipe included by Chef Wayne Johnson

recipe after the jump…

Andaluca’s Sangria

[Eds. note: This recipe takes two days and it makes approximately an ocean of sangria, so plan ahead and scale down accordingly.]

10 apples cut in 4 slices

10 bottles of rioja wine (inexpensive is just fine)

25 strawberries cut in halves

4 limes split in halves

4 lemons split in halves

10 oranges split in halves

30 cardamoms

6 cinnamon sticks

10 star anise

20 bay leaves

40 whole cloves

<10 pears cut in 4 slices