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Belltown’s 2AM Ultra Violence

It’s widely known that Belltown turns into an absolute drunken Ultra Violence scene from Clockwork Orange after 2am. Nearly every shooting, mugging, bludgeoning, and assault takes place after the neighborhood’s clubs herd their drunken patrons onto the street. Neighbors are rightly concerned at the apparent inability of the police department to cope with such a serious onslaught of drunken hooligans. Honestly, it’s a situation that’s out of control. SPD would need to employ a team in riot gear to manage the chaos. Do you have a solution you’d like to voice?

If you’re concerned – Seattle Times has tipped us off that there’s an upcoming safety forum.

Residents of the downtown Seattle Belltown neighborhood are holding a safety forum with police Tuesday night to respond to crime in the area.

One man was wounded in the neck in a drive-by shooting early Sunday as he left a nightclub. Police stopped a car and arrested two suspects.

Another man was beaten unconscious early Sunday by four men making catcalls at his girlfriend.

The group Belltown Citizens on Patrol scheduled the safety forum at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Labor Temple. The group recruits volunteers for walks in the neighborhood.

6 Comments on "Belltown’s 2AM Ultra Violence"

  1. Rohan Singh | June 21, 2010 at 12:01 pm |

    I like the idea that’s been going around about modifying closing times. Either having them be staggered, or stopping alcohol service at a set time but not having to push everyone out into the street immediately.

  2. Rohan. I think that’s a good idea. I recently interviewed one of the bouncers at Venom and he had the same suggestion. I think it seems like a win-win to do this.

  3. Don’t see any value with them all closing at once. Let them stay open later, people will naturally trickle off. Any city with an early bar curfew like Seattle has problems like this (London, Toronto) come to mind.

  4. The employees of all the bars and restaurants in Belltown that close earlier would make excellent clients for bars and restaurants that choose to stay open later. This would dilute the concentration of D-bags only intersted in causing trouble, plus create an environment of Belltown as a late night after theatre and show place, not just a meatmarket for the bridge and tunnel set.

  5. anon imus | June 23, 2010 at 2:12 am |

    Until the Bell Tower (SHA – the projects) goes away there will always be problems in Belltown. The residents come out starting around 5:AM every day to deal crack at Western and Bell. They disappear back into the tower for the day, before returning at night to break into cars and rob the drunks filing out of the bars late night.

  6. I live on 2nd and directly face the Bell Tower, and think: Damn, that’s blocking my view, and keeping my rent manageable. But also I notice that it seems that most of the people on my street that are cracky are ALWAYS on the street. Day and night. AKA homeless. They certainly don’t “disappear back into the tower for the day.”

    Maybe if the bike cops split up into smaller squads? They’re not real stealthy those boys.

    The other afternoon walking back from Dan’s I saw a woman buy crack with a handful of change. Where are we on the panhandling ordinance?

    By the way-
    Open Question: Is the housecoat lady who shambles and mewls with her Styrofoam cup at the corner of Blanchard and 2nd an actual zombie?

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