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BelltownPeople Happy Hour at Tavoláta

Howdy neighbors! 

Are you this person:  You see the same ole people on your daily walk to coffee/bus stop/ work, smiling a half smile that says “Hey i recognize you but i dont want to say hi, its too personal. Then i will have to say hi to you everyday, or might actually have to learn your name.”

Or Are you this person: I see the same people every day, I know their names, and say hi , but smile a fake smile that says “I dont actually want to know you. I just want to experience a false sense of community and interaction without any intention of knowing you, i’m very busy.”

Or Are you this person: I sit in the coffee shop, walk on the streets, run my dog, sleep, grocery shop, go to the bathroom all with my ipod earphones glued in my ear. I havent taken them out in like a year, if i do take them out its only the left one so that i half talk on the phone to my mom and half listen to my ipod on my other ear. Yet I sort of want to meet my neighbors and feel the love. But just dont know anybody yet.

Well I will tell you what, no matter which person you are, (i’ve personally probably got a little bit of each person in me:), we would love to meet you. I really have enjoyed meeting new people that live in the neighborhood, it makes it feel a little more like home when i’m beeboppin around Belltown. So lets hang out! And get together for Happy Hour on Thursday July 2nd, 2009 from 6pm-8:30pm at Tavolata. which has just informed me that they now offer happy hour from 5-7pm. Just let them know that you are there for the BelltownPeople Happy Hour and they will direct you to where we are sitting. Look forward to seeing you there!