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Belltowners need to call 911 more often.

So, you’re walking down the street and you see a drug deal go down. Par for the course here in Belltown. What should you do? Whip out the taser and get to work? Grumble under your breath and affirm your cause by ranting on a blog post when you get home?

SPD wants you to call 911 every time you see a deal go down.

“But, I call 911 and nothing happens!”

It doesn’t matter folks. We all know there’s not a cop on every corner downtown. But, they DO pay attention to these calls. Each morning a report is generated showing the location and nature of 911 calls. Guess what, if there’s a sudden upswing in calls from Belltown, they’ll put more boots on the ground to fight the problem. Police even mention setting up stings in direct response to citizen compaints in their reports.

So, what information do they need?

  • Briefly state the nature of the emergency
  • Let the dispatcher as the questions
  • Have an address handy
  • Stay on the line until advised to hang up
  • Have a decent description of the dealer.