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Belltown Wine Tasting – thursday evening.

If you’re interested in great wine and meeting new people, be sure to check out Seattle Cellar’s wine tasting event Thursday evening.


Come join us this tomorrow evening, Thursday, July 23, from 5 – 7pm for wines from Cline Cellars of California! In addition to accolades for consistent quality at value pricing, did you know that Cline Cellars is also a leader in eco-friendly sustainable viticulture? You’ve just got to come by and have a taste!


Since 2000, Cline Cellars farms the Green String way – naturally and sustainably, avoiding chemical pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers that are generally used in everyday farming. We believe we utilize the most efficient methods towards retaining healthy vineyards by employing the use of organic cover crops, compost teas, crushed volcanic rock and oyster shell, natural mined sulfur and sheep grazing. Once each year we reduce vineyard cultivation and degradation by providing our soil with organic matter to help retain soil structure, water infiltration, and microbial activity. Composting throughout our vineyards with nourishment derived from natural products such as grape pumice, vine prunings, and other mature organic material that we mix and nurture all year, helps to improve the texture and depth of the soil and also provides needed sustenance to the vine. “Compost Tea” is added to the vines via drip irrigation and also applied directly to the leaves. This tea contains molasses, fish emulsion to increase nitrogen content, rock dust, microbes and other nutrients.

  • 2008 Viognier, Sonoma Coast
  • 2008 Marsanne/Roussanne, Sonoma Coast
  • 2007 Ancient Vines Mourvèdre, Contra Costa County
  • 2007 Cashmere (Grenache/Syrah/Mourvèdre), California
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