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Belltown Weekend Round-up

Henceforth is a list of the titillatingly joyous events we’ll remember forever more in weekend lore. Heh, Sorry. I usually put these posts off because there’s a lot happening in Belltown and I hate the cascading aura of stupidity when I inevitably forget something or someone that’s dear to your heart. However, this weekend I think we’ve got it pretty much squared away. Of course, if I’ve proven myself wildly incompetent, feel free to lambaste my efforts in the comments. Or, if you’re feeling righteously adventurous, add it to the Calendar your pretty self.

Friday Night

Seattle Repertory Theater39 Steps – “The Crew” 6:15-11PM

CoffeeFest – technically all weekend, and technically only for “trade people”. But, get a green apron and sneak in the back for your weekend challenge.


Decibel Fest – Olympic Sculpture Park – 12-3PM – Fo’ Free.

Greta Matassa Quartet – Tula’s 8PM


Gallery Condo Auction

Kailash KherThe Crocodile – 8PM (bollywood action, what’s better than that?)



Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The 39 Steps’