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Belltown Tales

Hi…I am an artist and student of Whole Systems Design at Antioch University at 6th Avenue and Bell.

I lived at 4th and Cedar 35 years ago and am getting to re-know the neighborhood through these Bell Town Tales. I hope we will all know a little more about Belltown through our responses ! Find more tales at Ā Artistic interpretations welcome ! Hope to meet you in person sometime soon.

your intuition :

What did you think about Belltown before arriving ?

your intention :

Of all the places you could be…why do you spend time in Belltown ?

your interaction :

What is of most importanceā€¦happening for you in Belltown ?

your inspiration :

How have you changed…since coming to Belltown ?




















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  1. BelltownJane | May 23, 2013 at 9:26 pm |

    Welcome to Belltown, Ron.

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