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Belltown Style? Feathers…

The Vain Salon is the creative nucleus of Seattle’s “hair scene”. Behold – feathers in the hair. Most of the time I pass right by their flickr stream on the right side of our page – but feathers? Yes indeed… worth a separate post all their own.

4 Comments on "Belltown Style? Feathers…"

  1. I like it! And I like that you’re posting about fashion, Jesse. 🙂 heeehee

  2. the only reason that those feathers caught my eye is because they would make awesome fly fishing streamers. If that girl ever went swimming in a river she would be eaten alive by voracious trout.

  3. They are called Featherlocks and they are the latest hair trend.

    Stylus Salon (2321 2nd Ave) has them 3 strands for $30, or add them to any hair treatment/service for just $15 for 3. $7 each additional.

    More info from an older post on their FB:

  4. TroyJMorris | January 30, 2011 at 9:09 pm |

    I started noticing them over the summer when I was living in LA and then about 2 weeks ago noticed them up here.

    Not sure how I feel about them…

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