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Belltown Real Estate: Most & Least Expensive

Least Expensive – $104,950 The Montreux appears to be the most affordable building in Belltown.

“In-city, affordable, Stylish, well designed, good size.” This listing has been on the market for over 500 days. So, it’s safe to assume the inside has been converted into a meat locker or puppy kennel. You’d think after a year on the market, hovering around 100k, someone would bite.

Most Expensive. – $2,450,000 – This palatial urban enclave boasts over 2,000 sq feet of secluded opulence. The quote of the listing is “Let this illustrious space define your portfolio.” Mmmmmm, illustriousness….decadent portfolios of “most iconic loft residences” defining my mastery of the world. Ooooooo. Unfortunately, I don’t see that this loft has a heli-pad, which is a huge disadvantage to the titan of industry that requires a quick get-away from rioting mobs.

Undoubtedly, the best feature of this loft is the vertical space in which to practice using your jet pack.

I also have always wanted a space age breakfast nook to enjoy the disolving of my breakfast pills amongst my discerning palate. Unfortunately, the listing does not indicate whether there are servant quarters. Peculiar no?


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  1. It’s ridiculous how beautiful that is. I hope people understand your sarcastic sense of humor in this post above. Maybe like 20 other people wanna go in it together! We can each have 100 square feet! jk

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