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Belltown: Punk Rock Flea Market Saturday

$1, December 4th 2010, 2407 1st Ave, Seattle, WA. noon-10pm. Open to all ages!

Twice a year more than 50 peddlers, canvassers, cheapjacks, and solicitors pile into Underground Events Center to sell an enormous variety of arts, crafts, comic books, belt buckles, bike parts, jewelry, vintage clothing, fine furniture, stereo equipment, jams and jellies, bras and panties, cakes and cookies, tools, magazines, records, musical instruments, zippo lighters, walking shoes, smoking accessories, and untold riches of punk rock paraphernalia.

It’s as if Andy Warhol decided to hold a combination police auction and neighborhood swap meet. While shopping you will be offered scrumptious mostly-healthy handmade food and will be surrounded by live and bottled music from all cultures known to humankind.

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  1. Do you have space avaliable for this June? If yes, to whom and where should I pay for the space? Text message to me at 360-941-1677
    Thanks- Isaac

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