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Belltown Pub says goodbye

After walking by the Belltown Pub on 1st Ave last week I noticed that the doors were closed and chairs still up during brunch time on the weekend. When I got home I asked my partner if she had seen anything about it closing. Well today that question was answered by the owners of Belltown Pub on their Facebook page. We will miss this place as it was one of the only dog-friendly spots (especially indoors) in Belltown.

Dear valued fans of Belltown Pub…

It is with immense sadness to announce that after 9 Years of serving the Belltown community, tourists, townies, multiple college alumni and our loyal patrons of Belltown Pub, effective today, May 28th, 2019 we are officially closed.

Unfortunately, the ever-rising costs to continue operations out ways the benefits and we are forced into a difficult position to close our doors permanently. It has been an extreme pleasure serving all that has come through the doors over the past 9 years and are thankful for the support, love and loyalty received from many of our guests.

As we turn the page to a new chapter, what will be missed most are the bonds and friendships of our employees (past and present) and regular guests. Our employees and regulars are considered our family. They are the very soul and backbone of our business, a spirit like no other, which positively transcended throughout every corner of the pub. We will miss the smiles, laughter, tears shared and relish the many memories made.

It has been a great pleasure and wish all the very best!

~ZED, Owners
Belltown Pub


This photo was attached to the post so I assume the three pictured are the owners ZED (Zach, Erwin & Dave).


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