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Belltown Pub Opens Tonight: The Sneak Peek

Last night we joined a full house of the owners friends and family for a sneak peek at the new Belltown Pub. (loc: 1st & Battery)  It was a fun experience seeing the staff pumped up for the new challenge of running a restaurant here in Belltown.

The new Belltown Pub owners believe that there’s room in Belltown for an informal pub. They’re trying to stay away from the crowded space of fine dining micro plates and lasers in your face, fist pumping clubs. The goal is to have a spot that locals can come to unwind, hang out with friends, and potentially even hear themselves talk; a worthy cause gentlemen.

Most Belltowners will remember the space as Belltown Bistro. I was a big fan of the bistro, not for the overpriced unmemorable food, but purely because of the chill atmosphere. It was a great place to enjoy a decent meal and more importantly, concentrate on a good conversation. So, I think I’m probably an unfair judge of the new Belltown Pub interior. An extreme analogy is like walking into your childhood home – it’s never going to be what you remembered in fondness. (stretching, but you get the idea)

The Pros: The menu is extensive and cheap. Beers on tap will not disappoint. Shit you not, burgers are around ten bucks. There’s a good assortment of appetizers to choose from that are all under the magic 15 threshold. It’s standard pub fare here; mac n cheese balls, crab cakes, fries. Entrees aren’t going to break your wallet either. Most were right around or under 15. The food was filling and decent. Remember this isn’t fine dining. So, if you want your palate to dance with gluttonous excitement, venture to the many other options that Belltown enjoys. If you’re looking for some tasty bar food, you’re all set.

Cons? It’s brand new guys, so cut them some slack before you start lambasting the wait times or service on yelp. Give new restaurants at least a month to break in their britches. If you go the first week, just understand that the kinks are being worked out. Go with people you like talking to and you’ll be happy.

The hope? That this endeavor is wildly successful. The neighborhood could use some more bars and pubs that are just organic places to hang out with a community of friends. I know, we have Buckleys, Spitfire, and a bunch of others, but this will be a great new option to try out. Welcome to the neighborhood guys!


5 Comments on "Belltown Pub Opens Tonight: The Sneak Peek"

  1. | August 20, 2010 at 2:20 pm |

    Really hope this can be my new football viewing spot in Belltown. Crossing my fingers for good wings, something sorely lacking from Belltown.

    Thanks for the inside peak.

  2. There are wings on the menu!!! (though we didn’t try them) They have a game room as well, which might be prime the football watching spot…big couches, feels like a living room.

  3. Also, just saw your post on the pi. I too am excited for wings! Every once in a while Spur Gastropub has wings on their menu, and when they do… They are amazing, unconventional and delicious.

  4. Thank the lord some one finally has pbr on tap! I’m hoping for this to be my new bar since the prices arn’t too bad! We had the mac’n’cheese balls and the steak with the balsamic reduction sauce and everything was absolutely yummy! The atmosphere was laid back and casual. The waiters are new and yes, it will take time for them to get settled in but I can already tell this will be a great addition to belltown.

  5. “Thank the lord some one finally has pbr on tap!”

    You don’t get out much, do you?

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