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Belltown Paint Out: May 1st

This looks like a great opportunity to meet some neighbors and clean up the neighborhood.

Who: You & some new friends

What:Seattle Paint Out 2011

When:Sunday, May 1st – 1:30 pm

Where:FIRE STATION #2 – Street parking should available

Clothing:Wear comfortable clothes upon which you do not mind getting paint splatters

There will be an orientation to discuss areas of impact and map zones. Belltown has some historic properties so there are additional guidelines to follow regarding cleaning. Meet your ‘Wagon Team Leads’ and get connected with your group.

We are very happy to be hosted by Fire Station #2. This Station re-opened (September, 2010) after receiving some much needed renovations. Take a look at the site:

Many THANKS to Captain Paul Foerster and Fire Department Personnel for their support!