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Belltown needs more classical music…

I’ve often walked by the Royal Crest condominiums and have noticed the classical music each time. It’s not just ambient, the volume is really cranked. I had some suspicions that the music wasn’t there for audible enjoyment, but rather to deter people from loitering about. I think their strategy seems to be working. I’ve never seen nefarious “evildoers” lingering much longer than a second.  Maybe we need to start lobbying the city for a area wide increase in “The Marriage of Figaro” recitals. Don Giovanni to the rescue!

From the California Chronicle

The Paramount Theatre in downtown Seattle, occasionally plays “It’s a Small World After All” through the night, possibly to keep people from hanging around the building. The McDonald’s on the corner of Third Avenue and Pine Street played country music to keep loiterers from getting too comfy. Four blocks north, the Royal Crest Condominium complex in Belltown plays opera to keep people from loitering near ground-level businesses.

“It’s a convenient place for people to squat, sit down or drink their favorite beverage from brown paper bags,” said Ferdinand Boyce, president of the Royal Crest homeowners association.



3 Comments on "Belltown needs more classical music…"

  1. Hmmm…I never would have thought it was a loitering deterrent. I just thought they really liked opera 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, the Royal Crest does not play classical music. It is all opera, all the time. I live next door and it has been on a continuous loop for the last few years. I am a living witness that opera is an effective deterrant for the street ladies from the women’s shelter, but personally I wish I could just open my window without being musically assaulted.
    If the Royal Crest is reading this, please, I beg of you: Andres Segovia! Gilbert & Sullivan! Anything but that same hideous loop. I humbly thank you.

  3. Mark T. Ingham | July 28, 2009 at 11:05 am |

    There was an interesting article in today’s Seattle Times (7/28/09) about this very topic:

    Businesses using music to deter crime and loitering

    I’m kind of puzzled as well as to why Classical would be such an annoyance.

    If you really want a good deterrent crank some Zamfir — Master of the Pan Flute and Bane of all Loiterers… =D

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