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Belltown misses out on neighborhood funding…

Next year, the Belltown Business Association or Belltown Community Council might want to submit a couple applications for neighborhood funding. Twenty two neighborhood business groups were rewarded community funding from the city. The money is going towards a series of projects aimed at improving business relationships.

Some examples include;

  • $7,000 for brochures and Chinese lanterns for the International District
  • $2,600 for a Girls Night Out Shopping event for Magnolia
  • $7,500 for training the board of directors in Pioneer Square
  • $8,000 for a social networking platform for SODO.

Seems like the city was pretty generous and agreeable in doling out the bucks. I traded some email with Richard Nordstrom – President of the Belltown Community Council. Here’s what he had to say;

Funding is a difficult process these days and I do feel that it needs to focus on results. The Belltown Community Council (BCC) is planning a more proactive strategy with a focus on community education and building a more active base. Many Belltown organizations have common goals and through more communications between our groups Belltown will have an opportunity to be heard and better control its future.

Full list of awards after the jump…

1. African Business Association
Board Training, Business Guide 
The recently formed African Business Association will conduct board
training and develop a guide to doing business in the United States as
compared to Africa.

2. Business Owners of Madrona (BOOM)      
Logo Design and Marketing
The brand new Business Owners of Madrona (BOOM) will design a logo and
market their neighborhood businesses.

3. Capitol Hill Housing             
Install Street Furniture   
Capitol Hill Housing will install street furniture along 12th Avenue to
create gathering places in the business district.

4. Chinatown International District BIA(CIDBIA)     
Install Chinese Lanterns and Print Brochures
The CIDBIA will install brackets to enable them to hang Chinese
Lanterns during district events.  They will also print new Discover the
District brochures that are very popular with the many tourists who
visit Chinatown International District.

5. Columbia City Business Association           
Marketing Columbia City to Light Rail Riders
The Columbia City Business Association will market Columbia City to the
new light rail passengers with promotions and visual displays that can
be seen from the light rail trains and stations.

6. Georgetown Merchants Association          
Graffiti Project
The Georgetown Merchants Association will collaborate with the Chamber
Alliance to research graffiti prevention and clean up best practices.

7. Greater Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce   
Branding and Marketing
The Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce will develop visual branding and
marketing materials for the Uptown area.

8. Greater Seattle Business Association                
Tourism Initiative
The Greater Seattle Business Association will develop a tourism
initiative for Capitol Hill, Downtown, and West Seattle.          

9. Greater University Chamber of Commerce     
Printing Map/Brochures
The Greater University Chamber of Commerce will print additional
district maps and brochures.

10. Greenwood Phinney Chamber of Commerce     
Reducing Business Carbon Footprint 
The Greenwood Phinney Chamber of Commerce’s sustainability committee
will work with businesses in Greenwood-Phinney to help businesses reduce
their operating costs by reducing their carbon footprint.

11. Lake City Chamber of Commerce    
Pole Banners and Graffiti Removal
The Lake City Chamber of Commerce will install new pole banners in
their business district and purchase graffiti removal supplies.

12. Madison Valley Merchants Association              
Pole Banners
The Madison Valley Merchants Association will install pole banners
throughout their business district.

13. Magnolia Chamber of Commerce      
Girls Night Out Shopping Event                  
The Magnolia Chamber of Commerce will develop a re-occurring shopping
event in their business district.

14. Metropolitan Improvement District (MID)    
Leaf Composting Project
The MID will develop a leaf composting project to assist the City with
keeping downtown storm drains clear.

15. Picture Perfect Queen Anne                 
Landscaping New Curb Bulbs            
Picture Perfect Queen Anne will landscape the new curb bulbs through
the business district on Queen Anne Avenue North.  

16. Pioneer Square Community Association   
Organizational Development                              
The Pioneer Square Community Association will work with an
organizational development consultant to assess the structure of the
organization, implement improvements per recommendations, and build and
train the board of directors.

17. Rainier Beach Merchants Association         
Membership Recruitment
The Rainier Beach Merchants Association will develop a membership
recruitment strategy.

18. Rainier Chamber of Commerce            
Help with New Office  
The Rainier Chamber of Commerce will purchase a sign, table and
computer for their new office.

19. SODO Business Association                    
Social Networking    
The SODO Business Association will develop social networking
capabilities for their website.

20. South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce    
Cascade Farmers Market
The South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce will partner with the Cascade
Farmers Market Committee to start a new farmers market in the
Cascade/South Lake Union business district.

21. West Seattle Chamber of Commerce              
Tourism Video  
The West Seattle Chamber of Commerce will produce a tourism video to
market West Seattle as an urban recreational destination.

22. White Center Community Development Association     
Business District  Branding
The White Center Community Development Center will develop a business
district branding campaign.

3 Comments on "Belltown misses out on neighborhood funding…"

  1. Bedlamite23 | May 24, 2009 at 7:15 pm |

    This actually kinda pisses me off. Has the BBA responded? I’d be curious as heck to know what they have to say for themselves. Another thing irking me about this is some of the ways the money is gonna be spent, a few sound a little ephemeral to me. 19,17,16 for examples
    (and 14?! the M.I.D.!? uhm…ok)

  2. I should have e-mailed the BBA. I’ll see right now if they’d like to make a comment.

  3. “Your story on 22 May 2009 (Sun) in BelltownPeople.Com at overlooked dozens of projects funded in Belltown during the past decade. Some of these projects include the Seattle Community Court program in Belltown, Growing Vine Street, Cottage Park, Dog Park within Regrade Park, Bell Street Walkway, Third Avenue street and sidewalk improvements, Viaduct Fencing, Dumpster Free Alleys, and various public art projects like the Wave Cave, Angie’s Umbrella, Chief Seattle at Tilikum Park, and the Belltown Gateway Artworks. Belltown was granted $1.8 million in parks funding about eight years ago. Currently, the BBA, BCC, and BHLUS are working together to secure over $2.5 million in public funding along with some private donations for the Bell Street Parkway in Belltown. Belltown, through the BBA, BCC, and BHLUS, has an enviable record in obtaining public and/or private funding for a wide variety of its neighborhood projects, annually averaging hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last decade.”

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