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Belltown Messenger Ceases Print Operations – Goes Online Only

It looks like our friends at the Belltown Messenger are making some big changes. They are scrapping the print version of their paper and will begin posting a monthly online edition. I’m personally happy to see them marching on. If you live in Belltown, their paper is always worth a read.

by Alex R. Mayer – September 25, 2010

Starting in October the Belltown Messenger will become “online-only” as we trade print expenses (big) for web expenses (small) in order to keep our beloved publication alive. We’ll be exchanging print ad dollars for web ad pennies — a deal with the Internet advertising devil that will provide meager sustenance for our eccentric neighborhood media outlet as we plow forward into an uncertain age.

After five years, Clark Humphrey has stepped down as editor and will become “Editor Emeritus.” Elaine Bonow will move from “Co-Founder and Guru” status on the masthead to “Editor and Publisher.” I’ll become “Co-Founder and Creative Consultant.” And don’t fret: Clark will still contribute. He’s Mr. Belltown, after all.

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