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Belltown Green & Clean – big success

Thanks to all of you who spent your rainy Saturdays picking up trash, painting over tasteless graffiti (no street art please!) and scraping off the bajillions of random stickers that have found their way to Belltown.

The event was attended by over 150 people. It was a real encouragement to see so many neighbors coming together to serve the city with their time and energy. It was also a great way to connect with the people living downtown. Sometime we forget that this is a neighborhood. The more we get outside our comfy condos and apartments and show love for the city, the better!

A huge thanks goes out to the Paint Out, SPD, Belltown Business Association, Belltown Community Council and Mars Hill Church for opening their doors for the volunteers. Lunch was served after the event courtesy of MOD Pizza, MAD Pizza, Dominos, and Pizza Mart. Next time you’re in the mood for pizza, give these guys a call and let them know you’re showing your support for their generous gift of feeding 150 hungry and dirty volunteers.

If you have another idea of how we can all team together to make Belltown a better place to live, just e-mail me at Let’s make it happen!