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Belltown Green and Clean Needs You!

Just a friendly reminder that the Belltown Green & Clean is this weekend. Sign up Here. Show up on Saturday to clean up the streets, meet some neighbors, and race red wagons down Bell st. (disclaimer: wagon races are not sanctioned or encouraged by the mature editorial staff of

The Belltown Green & Clean is a partnership between the City of Seattle, Seattle Paint Out, Belltown Business Association, Belltown Chamber of Commerce, and Mars Hill Church Downtown.

This is a great Belltown event that I’ve personally participated in the last three years. If you have a heart for the neighborhood of Belltown, this is an oportunity to help clean up the place we live and work. Working hard for our neighborhood makes a real difference. The last couple of times I’ve been amazed at how much trash has been removed right from our streets. Teams meet up in the morning and split into wagon groups. Each wagon team is assigned a couple blocks to clean up and is equipped with gloves, paint, rollers, bags, trash robot arms, and scrapers. The whole process takes about three hours. Literally, all you need to show up with is a crummy pair of Jordache jeans.

From my experience, there’s something different happening in Belltown. We’re a community of people who actually care about where we live. We’re invested in this neighborhood and we love it. We don’t care about living on some secret shire cul de sac with a three car garage. We’re city dwellers and we know what comes with that. We’re discouraged by the constant xenophobia displayed on the news time and time again. And honestly, we don’t see what the big deal is. This is urban life. We live here, we love this neighborhood, and we’re pitching in to make it a better place. People complain all day, but do they ever actually do anything? Empty speech, worthless whining, all that aggression towards reality you can change is useless without the action derived by real love!(Sign Up & Invite Friends Here)
If you live in or around Belltown, this is a great opportunity to care for your neighborhood and be an active part of making it a better place to live, work, and play. It takes a community of people willing to get their hands dirty (literally) to make a neighborhood great, and no other organization is going to do all the work by themselves, we need to get active.

We’re calling all who care about their city to come out and make Belltown shine. We have partnered with the City of Seattle, Seattle Paint Out, Belltown Business Association, and the Belltown Chamber of Commerce to put on this event, and the invitation is open to anyone who is interested in making a difference in the Belltown neighborhood.

Sign up to be a part of the effort, and come to Mars Hill Downtown at 2333 Western Avenue on June 18th at 10am.