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Belltown gets its Cupcakes too..

Starting to feel like I must just be in a grumpy mood today, but I couldn’t care less about another goofy cupcake place opening up in Belltown. Ok, sorry for the bad attitude.

The yellow cupcake company is planning an opening of May 15th. It’ll be located on 4th in the Shelby building.  In all honesty, it’s great to see more local businesses moving in and staking claim to the neighborhood. Mike, (owner) we love you and can’t wait for our impending addiction to your sugary creations.

Seattle Weekly

Our signature cupcake will be a tomato soup cupcake,” he adds. “It’s really unique, but by far one of the best cupcakes we’ve tried.” No word on whether that will come with a grilled-cheese side.


3 Comments on "Belltown gets its Cupcakes too.."

  1. Um….interesting name. Is this sort of a veiled spoof on the “Yellow Cake” discovery that supposedly happened in Niger in the Bush/Colin Powell years? 🙂

  2. cupcakes serve no purpose in your liberal allegations of the good bush administration 😉

  3. Lake City will hence for divert all prospective cupcake stores in your direction.

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