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Belltown Full Cycle Bike Club Launch Party – July 10th


Full Cycle Bike Club

for Recovering Lives Launch Party

Moda Community Lounge

2312 Third Avenue, Belltown

Wednesday, July 10,2013

4pm – 6pm




Eric Patchen, BPASeattle LLC owner, founds Full Cycle Bike Club

Join your neighbors, local civic leaders, and social service agencies in supporting a healthy, safe and productive Belltown at Moda Community Lounge, 2312 Third Ave on Wednesday, July 10, 2013, 4pm-6pm. The Full Cycle Bike Club for Recovering Lives is an innovative program that provides access to the healthy lifestyle option of biking for the underserved and underrepresented groups in Belltown. In partnership with local social service agencies and with support from the Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment’s Community Climate Projects program, Eric Patchen, owner of BPASeattle LLC, is launching his vision of biking as a viable transportation choice for his neighbors as they recover their lives. Come join us to learn more about the program and how you can be a part of this wonderful work! For more information:

Full Cycle Bike Club was founded by Eric Patchen, owner of BPASeattle “More Bounce by the Ounce and Style by the Mile.”  BPASeattle LLC is a premier recycled bike evolution, created in the spirit of small, locally owned, community responsible, environmentally motivated, and human-conscious business. Ever since Eric opened his doors on 3rd Avenue, he discovered ways to “pay it forward” and help those in need. Eric observed that Belltown’s homeless and low-income citizens were finding it difficult to be mobile – creating issues getting to job interviews, buying groceries, socializing, and exercising.  Eric’s answer is Full Cycle Bike Club for Recovering Lives. He developed a basic program to build self-confidence in biking knowledge and skills of low-income people that live in Belltown so that biking becomes a viable lifestyle choice.

The City of Seattle Office of Sustainability & Environment’s Community Climate Project program partially funded the program through December 2013.  Belltown’s social service agencies will identify individuals who will benefit from the Full Cycle Bike Club biking skills program and redeemable coupons for loaner bikes with helmets and locks through BPASeattle.